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Welcome to LunaCraft

Hello everyone and welcome to my website, Lunacraft. My name is Yasmin Sobrany, I am a freelance illustrator and an upcycled artist.

On Lunacraft you will find the amazing work
I have put into with so much effort and what I do as an illustrator. The things I do in my free time are drawing and painting in traditional by hand and digital at home. Whenever I go outside of home to visit I draw only in felt tip pens of reportage and people in my sketchbook. My goal is to capture people's identity's appearance, their scales and measurements, also studying their routines, behaviour, interests, clothing and everything. Most importantly my role of as an illustrator that I not only draw and paint people in reality but enjoy transforming their identities into a nostalgia fantasy character in pop culture from films, tv shows, comics, books, music, arts; and other historical facts. 

The materials I use to design my work is in:
Digital painting:
snowCanoe's InspirePro

Photoleap Pro
Adobe Photoshop

Traditional hand-drawn: 
Acrylic paint

Felt tip marker pens
Soft pastels
Black and White Sketches in pen, pencil, soft pastels and graphite stick
Collage / Mixed media by collecting a variety of recycled paper and other materials to be combined.

I also can design posters and leaflets, including editorial work on magazines, cards and book covers which involves: fiction, journalism, charity, campaign and special occasions. Like birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, Halloween, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Easter and other kinds of events of what people would want me to design.

Furthermore in my free time as an upcycled artist I do bookbinding into making notebooks, sketchbooks, junk journals, accordion (concertina) books. I collect scraps of cardboards to create the books' front and back cover, sometimes increase the spine, depending how many pages I want it to fit in before or after placing the cover on. The covers and pages I put on are recycled papers from: magazines, wrapping paper, old documents, newspapers; and other various papers. Including food wrappers to be combined with. After making the books I donate them for charity and the rest comes as a freebie for clients.

Why not have a peep through my portfolio?
"Take your mind on a journey and be transmogrified."
Transmogrified, verb. pronunciation (tranz-mo-gruh-fide) 
'Transform in a surprising or magical manner.'



Work Examples

My Portfolio

Welcome to my portfolio. Here you will find a selection of my work. Click on and explore my projects to learn more about what I do.

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I would like to say thank you for visiting my website and I hope you enjoyed it.

Please come again to visit my website. If you wish to ask me questions or have any enquires contact me on email or Twitter.

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