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About Me

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About Me

From a very young age I taught myself to draw and paint by starting off from scribbling to drawing due to my interests in cartoons, mostly the classics like Tom and Jerry, Looney Tunes and Ed, Edd 'n' Eddy, especially navigating through school and college. Then I studied and graduated at Middlesex University, Hendon Campus for BA (Hons) Illustration.


When I was studying Illustration I took extra classes in drawing models observationally, then discovered of what my role could be as a freelance illustrator, relating to my interests from the experience of my child and adolescent years. In my free time I like to draw; and paint reportage and portraits of people, then bring different qualities to the picture so I can share my work; and inspire others. Not only I illustrate people in reality but change their natural form into a fictional character from: children's books, poetry, fairytale, mythology, folklore, including movies, TV shows or anything iconic in the history of pop culture. I even bring many anthropomorphic characters and objects crossing over from one world to another.

For example, Brazilian graphic designer and illustrator, Butcher Billy, one of my favourite artists of whom inspired me does a contemporary crossover nostalgia between reality and fiction by referencing: music, lyrics, history, politics, movies, pop art and many more. He is also known for designing comics and posters of two famous TV series on Netflix, Black Mirror and Stranger Things. He is one of the reasons that relates to both of our passion in pop culture and led to me create an observational mind-fantasy theme in painting and drawing. I ask people of what they wish to be if they were a fictional character to portray them as either a fairy, superhero or something, combined with their actual personalities, daily routine, hobbies, jobs, interests, clothing and whatever they like to do for their own agenda.


 Inside my portfolio I recently did a project on an observational fantasy crossover theme onto a large painting canvas of many characters you might be familiar of. It will take your mind on journey like reading a diary so please have a peek through. 


There is more of my artistic skills I enjoy for free time apart from illustration:

Upcycled art -

Due to my passion and concern about the environment which involes global and financial issues...

I not only studied illustration for children's books and other aspects in editorial work by using: digital, silkscreen print, traditional hand-drawing. I learnt to book bind as part of the course when I was in lockdown during COVID-19 Pandemic for online sessions in the first year which motivated me into making handmade upcycled books as junk journals, concertina books, notebooks and; sketchbooks as a hobby.


I, also do mixed media on canvas between painting and collage by collecting many recycled papers with food wrappers to be overlapped first before adding some paint over. Or sometimes not, depending on how the picture can come out good with all of its surrounding materials.

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