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Book Cover and Slipcase Design

Project type

Book Cover Design




Middlesex University Hendon Campus, London


1st Year: Mixed Media - Acrylic paint with two envelopes and lined paper written in ink pen and felt tip pens on a flattened cereal box.


3rd Year: Digital Painting - InspirePro and Photoshop. Cardboard paper transformed into a slipcase box.

During lockdown for first year of Middlesex University for BA Illustration I redesigned a book cover of Mark Haddon's The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time as my Final Major Project.

I collected a flattened cereal box of Shreddies to be painted in acrylic paint on the back, then placed two envelopes onto the front cover as the book’s title and author to be written in ink pen and designing a postage stamp in felt tip pens. Also, a piece of lined paper from an old notepad to be glued onto the back as the story’s short synopsis, amongst the critic’s feedback, especially for the front written in acrylic white paint.

The details I have done were the neighbourhood, their houses and the road set at an evening night with a few clouds; and a full moon. Including two characters in the background. An autistic, fifteen year old boy, Christopher Boone and his neighbour’s dog found dead in the middle of the night, stabbed with a garden pitchfork. The lined notepaper for the back cover represents Christopher writing down in his notebook as he talks about his daily routine and what’s new. As for the two envelopes symbolises a deep dark secret surrounding Christopher’s hometown which he doesn’t know yet but will soon find out, relating to the dog’s death.
Lockdown was a struggle but it was fun to recreate the cover of the story.

Moving onto the third year in campus I did a task to redesign two book covers of Malorie Blackman's Pig-Heart Boy and Noughts & Crosses. Everything had to be in bright colours from my lecturer's advice. Also, creating a slipcase for two books to fit in. I used InspirePro to create my book cover designs. Pig-Heart Boy was well improved, whereas Noughts & Crosses needed so much work to do. I used Photoshop to give it a good clean up to reduced the amount of details.

Even place the publisher’s symbol, Penguin onto both of the books’ spine at the bottom and create their barcode at the back cover.

Afterwards I designed the slipcase cover as I borrowed both of the books’ title to be placed onto both sides of the cover. Adding a barcode and the Penguin symbol to be put onto the spine and the corner of the front cover at the left. Due to my DIY skills I managed to find green cardboard paper to be cut into four: three narrow rectangles and two wide after measuring both books together. I printed out my design cover twice with some assistance to get the measurements right and finally glue it onto the cardboard paper carefully before turning it into a slipcase box. Same for the book covers due to making a few mistakes as I had to redo them again.

Redesigning Malorie Blackman's books, amongst a slipcase for them was a struggle but good task. I felt Noughts & Crosses and the slipcase cover for both books could have been better, whereas Pig-Heart Boy was a success.

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