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"Paper Beads For All Your Recycle Needs" ebay Poster

Project type

Competition Poster, InspirePro, Photoshop


21 March 2023


Middlesex University Hendon Campus, London

During the third year of university for illustration I got involved in doing a competition for the D&AD New Blood Awards which is an art industrial company that helps people to build up a career in: advertising, branding, design and digital commercials. By working in other companies like ebay, SKY, Barclays, Google, giffgaff, Heinz, Penguin and many more. The company I selected was Ebay to design a digital poster, a theme which requires charity work, eco-friendly, handmade; and ways to save and restore money. I thought making ebay's first poster to be displayed in public to persuade the community get creative and help people. Ebay doesn't always require to sell old items that haven't been used but handmade items. My poster had to be about paper beads. Women from other countries in Asia and Africa, also around the Victorian time in Europe would make paper beads for jewellery and home furnishings as a hobby. Even look after environment and tackle poverty.

Apart from my role doing illustration, I also make paper beads as hobby too by designing them into bracelets, necklaces and earrings. There is one of the reasons I chose to create a poster. Even charity is which I enjoy doing because it feels the right thing to do to help and look after people who are struggling financially and other personal matters.

Meanwhile I did a lot of thumbnails and roughs. The colours I used to design the beads digitally were the company's symbolic colours: red, green, blue, yellow and white. I borrowed the colours to make many digital layouts to create as a background on InspirePro. I duplicated many copies to redesign them and an example of a backup work and finding the right solution to be viewed in public. Afterwards I found a great selection of which background would be useful as the ebay's poster. I overlapped the colours in black, whereas leaving the small bits out in the centre of the poster as the paper beads. Finally adding purple streak waves across as they have secured the beads. I normally do posters in a portrait size until my tutor advised me to rotate it into a landscape poster due to the way I designed it as the title is unable to become visible for people to see. I never knew people can do that, it's normally in a portrait size but never a landscape.

I struggled to come up with a proper name and a slogan for my poster but I had some support from my tutors and class peers.

We came up with "Paper Beads For All Your Recycle Needs." Then adding a few slogans:
"Wear It, Don't Waste It!"
Recycle, Revive, Revamp."

Especially placing the company's name next to the slogans. It was when I edit my work on Photoshop, including more features of hands wearing handmade bracelets and reaching out for more beads. And two hands holding out the one of the slogans, "Wear it, Don't Waste It!" as it's been made as a necklace design. I made all the words in bright colours by adopting ebay's colours. Some were in separate plain colours, whereas one of the title's words, "Paper Beads" had to be multicoloured.

Moving onto submission I upload my backup work and final piece onto D&AD New Blood Awards, then saying of what my purpose was with the help from one of my peers and tutor and receive a code voucher to pay as I am submitting.

In the aftermath I received a message from D&AD that my work was good but I did not win, win or lose you did good. My tutor did say that D&AD New Blood Awards is very hard to win. I was a bit it disappointed but I was proud of my work, even satisfied that I managed to get everything because I had other assignments that I needed to focus on.

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