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Four Ecological Element Posters

Project type

Ecological Posters, Illustrations: InspirePro (digital painting) and silk screenprint




Middlesex University Hendon Campus, London

Working three projects at time: Reportage, Portraiture and Posters.

These are my four posters about disastrous climate changes which involves pollution, erosion and poverty based on four elements: fire, water, earth; and air.

Two Painting Digitals: Drinking Water (Water) and Erosion (Earth)

Two Silkscreen Prints: Air Pollution (Air) and Wildfires (Fire)

Since I did digital work on Drinking Water and Erosion I had been making two printing templates for my other two posters on Air Pollution and Wildfires before having them both printed out in silk screenprint. Each of the posters had to be in sized A2. Designing posters was a fun task that it felt good to convince people of what is happening aroung the world globally relating to disastrous matters, involving deconstruction, poverty, climate changes, political and financial issues. Especially racism, misogyny, domestic abuse and ableist discrimination.

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