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Project type

Portraiture, Illustration


Middlesex University Hendon Campus, London


Acrylic paint, soft pastels, felt tip pen drawing and mixed media.

During the third for BA Illustration at Middlesex University I decided to do three personal tasks relating to my interests and the previous projects that I have done from the first and second year. Reportage, Portraiture and Posters.

I chose and illustrated four portraits of my four lecturers from photo: Nancy Slonims, Martin Ursell, Aldous Eveleigh and Paul Barritt. Their portraiture appeared in many different styles: acrylic paint, soft pastels, felt tip pens and mixed media. It was also a test of which material I am a good at and which style is more useful to illustrate.

Nancy's portrait had to be in acrylic paint, Martin in soft pastels, Aldous in felt tip sketches and Paul had to be in a form of mixed media. Soft pastels, felt tip drawing and collage.

I cut out a blue cardboard paper to be glued onto the right side of his face, whereas the left is all blank white. Making two separate lines in the centre of his face. The left side had to be in detailed black and white felt tip pen sketches by adding in some grey streaks and the rest on the right were in colours by using soft pastels to be drawn above the blue cardboard paper. Despite of illustrating Paul's portrait as a test, happened to be an inspiration of one my childhood films, Batman Forever (1995), Tommy Lee Jones's villain character, Harvey Dent/Two Face. His appearance is way more wacky and colourful instead of dark and sinister.

It took four months for me to finish them one at a time and making portraits for my lecturers was great job I have done.

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