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Observational Life Drawings


Middlesex University Hendon Campus, London


September 2021 - May 2023

Project type

Observational Life Drawings


Acrylic paint, ink, felt tip pen sketches, soft pastels, graphite stick sketches and mixed media.

During COVID-19 Pandemic I took online lessons in Life Drawing at Middlesex University since September 2020. I did quick and longer sketches of various models by using black and white pencils until my lecturer encouraged me to add colour due to the fact that I have been sketching in black and white for a very long time. After following his advice I used felt tip pens to include colour of the models' appearance. Instead of colouring their natural appearance I made them multicoloured due to an inspiration of retro and neonic 80s style and my lecturer never minded but was impressed. Colour was way better than black and white.

Moving onto the second year the students and I managed to come out of lockdown to head to Life Drawing classes on campus. Throughout the sessions I carried on practicing to keep track on time with the sketches depending on how long the poses will be. In the mornings we get to do quick sketches like 60 seconds, 1-5 minutes; and a few longer ones: 10-20 minutes. In the afternoon we have much longer ones: 1-2 hours and sometimes a half an hour one. The others and I were free to select our own equipment of how we want our design to be, either in paint, pastels, ink, pencils, pens or anything. The materials I used were graphite sticks and soft pastels, mostly in black and white for morning quick sketches. The longer hour ones which I enjoy doing had to be in afternoon so I can add more colouring by using felt tip pens, soft pastels and acrylic paint. I managed to colour in the models' natural appearance but I still continued making them multicoloured. It, also inspired me to change their identities into a fictional character from children's books, mythology, films and other pop culture reference.

In the third year I had been taking extra classes for Life Drawing due to a final major project I was working on relating to my interests in Life Drawing but I carried on doing quick and longer sketches and things have progressed well as before.

Life Drawing has been one of my interests that I loved so doing much. Despite the fact that I suppose to capture the model's measurements and scales, I like talking to them by getting to know them very well as a person on the inside instead their appearance. Including their daily routine, dress code, interests and everything.

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