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Observational Fantasy Life Drawing

Project type

Observational Fantasy Life Drawing


Middlesex University Hendon Campus, London


January 2022 - May 2023


Acrylic paint, felt tip pens, soft pastels and graphite stick

Since I have illustrating the models' appearance in reality, despite of nudity and costumes. One of the models, a young man I illustrated not only had to be in costumes but brought his musical instruments with him and he pretended to be a musician. However, his seating and standing position had changed until I noticed some of the students had changed the model's identity into a character while he was positioned differently. It got me confused and my other lecturer advised me to create a made-up character as I am portraying him in a fantasy band. A man who is legless while drumming, a genie playing a tambourine, a statue head on a cylinder block, possibly singing and an ordinary man playing the flute. That inspired me to change people's identities into a made-up character in the aftermath during the second and third year.

Some were just came into my mind to do something fun, depending on the mood and the rest I did were special occasions like, Halloween, Christmas, Valentine's Day and many more.

The two drawings I liked which I believed to be the best were:
Halloween Special - Evil Queen Lizard Bathed in Blood
Cloudy with a Chance Of Noodles, aka Noodlehead Goddess

Because of my interest in pop culture, amongst Life Drawing, also transforming the characters (models) and reportage into a fantasy got me to create a final piece to put onto a canvas, painted in acrylic for my Final Major Project. It was something I thought not only doing but always wanted too.

It got me thinking of wanting to pursue a career of my style in the future.

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