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Oversized Paper Mural

Project type

Reportage Mural, Illustrations, Felt tip pen drawings


May 2022


Middlesex University Hendon Campus, London

For my Final Major Project in the second year I did a large reportage collage drawing paper mural in four separate, possibly double sized A0 sheets of paper. Also, in separate colours: grey, yellow, green and blue. Relating to my personal life. My interests, daily routine, education and everything.

My goal was to draw in felt tip pens to visit anywhere I go and what I witness.

Grey: Past
Grey represents the past which the entire background colour has to be dull and grey, all the things I experienced as a child and teenager. For example: What cuddly toy did I have a long time ago? Where I went to school and college? Which nice restaurant did my parents take me to?

The background I drew were my old diaries, photographs and scrapbooks which contains all pictures of the school's newsletters and my baby photos. Drawings of my old friends from school, two boys which were copies I kept for my scrapbook. A cuddly toy hedgehog which was given to me as a birthday present when I turned eighteen. The locations I visited were:
Oak Lodge School - my old SEN secondary school by capturing the rooms of my former classes, playground, wall displays.

(The Lodge Shop) by the Hearts of Oak - an SEN charity shop run by Oak Lodge School and Oakbridge College for students and ex-students. Half of the outside building, presenting the window's display.

As for the town of Finchley I drew the Phoenix Cinema, Finchley Central Station, Tesco and half of the Hollywood Bowl, amongst Vue Cinema.

Before heading off to university I secretly visited other places: drawing my old college building, Barnet and Southgate College Wood street Campus and Harrow. Harrow is one the best places I visited since childhood. Inside the shopping mall presents the Vue Cinema, McDonalds far across KFC and Bru Coffee and Gelato Cafe. And the last I drew was the 143 bus as a reminder of travelling.

Yellow: Home
The colour yellow represents my home: featuring my family and the inside areas of my house. Including my two pet cats, Storm and Sheba. The features I drew were all objects and furnishings surrounding my bedroom, living room hallway and stairs:
My cuddly toys, my parents, my sister asleep in her bed, my cats multiple times, clothes hanging to dry from outside, the garden house, lights, tv and food. Especially, a self portrait of myself in the mirror while drawing.

Green: University
Green symbolises the progress I am doing well in Middlesex University while studying a BA degree for Illustration, getting some support from my tutors and having friends. Including the places around the areas of the building I went to have lunch, a quiet place to study and what I witnessed. Parts of the university's building outside and the inside shows the quad area, the Sheppard's library and the illustration studio's surroundings.

Blue: Fun Interests
Blue - the things I enjoy outside of home and university is visiting and having a good time like going to the cinema, having a bite to eat, shopping and seeing great views of towns and cities. Especially being independent and travelling alone by taking the bus and train. Including flowers. The colour brings out the brightest satisfying mood in me.

The figures I have drawn were:
Food: having breakfast and lunch at Costa, Cafe Nero, Starbucks from Brent Cross Shopping Centre and Hendon Central; and Coconut Tree from Bang Bang Oriental Foodhall.
Clothes, food, antique shopping in Brent Cross Shopping Centre:
Lush, Mango, Accessorize, Waterstones, Krispy Kreme Doughnuts and Fenwicks.
Bus and underground train

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