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Spawnslasher (Horror Movie Magazine) 2023




Middlesex University Hendon Campus, London

Project type

Spawnslasher, Horror Movie Magazine 2023


Illustration, InspirePro - Digital Painting App and Photoshop

During my final year of Middlesex University I did multiple assignments which involves writing a dissertation, the students and I were given a task to come up with a theme as we were doing a dissertation of what relates to our interests. Not only we had to write a dissertation but create an editorial design of where our written work could be published into, either a magazine, newspaper, zine, storybook or any editorial work.

I chose to create a horror movie magazine due to my interests in horror films, mostly the classics for its time like Hellraiser, A Nightmare On Elm Street, Friday the 13th, Halloween, Scream and so forth.

Throughout my research I had been visiting a town in Cricklewood to take pictures because Clive Barker's Hellraiser (1987), my favourite horror movie, was filmed in this town years ago in the United Kingdom, four areas of the town which were importantly well known through the media for its time filming in the 80s.

Staples Corner
Claremont Road
Cricklewood Railway Station
187 Dollis Hill Lane, London, NW2 6EY, UK

However one of them, the house - 187 Dollis Hill Lane, NW2 6EY, was easily and way more recognisable out of the other three. The way of how the house is stylised. Originally from outdoor it had small windows during the 80s until now in the presence it added more extra windows and making it brighter in white. In Hellraiser, a hedonist criminal died performing an unearthly ritual in the attic for his actions, then gets brought back to life by accident by making contact with a drop of blood to regain his body, however not fully completed but needs more and finish off what he had started from the beginning. A battle between demons, an undead sadist and the living throughout the story of the film. The town's movie legacy was long forgotten in history like the amusement parks for Disneyland and other places too. I did some research about it a long time ago. I believe they should make the town's movie legacy to be remembered like an anniversary celebration.

I watched three movies of: Hellraiser, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Scream several times on Prime, Youtube; and Netflix while writing notes down as I was making review on each of three films. Continued doing more research on the internet, through websites, documentary videos and online articles. Including interviewing people.

I interviewed eight people who were horror movie fans, six of my fellow class peers, my old secondary school teacher and my lecturer assistant from Middlesex University. What surprised me that I learnt my lecturer assistant, Matt Ingram, used to be an actor for his time before he chose to become an illustrator. He starred in a lot of stage live on theatre, underrated films and tv shows, especially commercials. It was the first time I had interviewed an ex-actor in my life. I was really shy but managed to interview Matt and I couldn't stop smiling. I not only have a passion for art but for acting, during my teen years I used to take drama classes from secondary school and at theatre school on the weekends with my siblings, studying LAMDA.

Since I wrote a review on each of three films I chose to create five more chapters which involves surviving in a horror movie, a killer motivation, a favourite scary movie, a killer's weapon and a final girl. Four chapters have to be the interviews and the last one is a finale review chapter on the Final Girls. The four interview chapters are: What's Your Scary Movie?, Killer's Motivation, Weapon Of Choice and How Will You Survive?

Meanwhile I used my digital painting app, InspirePro to create imagery layouts for the magazine's front and back cover; and the page double-spreads. I worked on going through many process of which style would be the right display for each chapters, including the front and back cover spread.

For the front and back cover imagery something came into my mind of Hellraiser, witnessing signs of bloodshed, eroticism, body torture and hellish activities:
Front cover - A Red Skinless-Meaty-Arm Tree Figure With Vein-Like-Fingers-Tree-Branch Reaching Down

Back Cover - Skinless Red Meaty Human Leg Muscles.
A friend of mine mentioned that it looked very bacon but was impressed of my style.

It was also another reference for the page review of Hellraiser and chapter, Killer's Motivation. As for The Texas Chainsaw Massacre it had to be bloodshed but inferred compared to the film's opening credits in the background.

Then added more dark colours onto the other chapters, Weapon of Choice, What's Your Favourite Scary Movie? and Scream in black and white with a few hints of grey, representing weaponry item, a kitchen knife, ghoulish shadows; and plain black - one of them having a picture of Ghostface for the Scream review's introduction page.

The next ones had to be a bit more colourful: blue hinting bright white lights represents a sign of fear and chills for chapter, How Will You Survive?

Finally the streaks of purple and black with a few hints of white for the final chapter of Final Girls display, representing feminism, less scary but girl power in action. Also I did a more designs for extra pages which are: the front and back cover's imagery, the other way round as it's meant to be double-sided, presenting shadow figures with bright eyes, then came with red-looking veins and the last one was a hellfire display for the introduction of the magazine, among with it's contents.

Next up was to upload my pictures onto Photoshop to have them reduce the size, copy the pages' imagery to be transferred onto an another and do some edit work. It was quite confusing in places, therefore I kept a magazine template example to help me of where the pictures/chapters could go as the rest were double-sided, still confusing but managed to work things out at the end.

Before Photoshop I had trouble keeping up on time to finish it due to doing other different tasks at the time, especially with the word count so I booked an extension to have extra time complete it. I was getting so much extra support from my tutors, keeping on track with my assignments at a time, especially with writing. Including after graduation before my deadline at 9:30 in the morning on 17th July.

During Photoshop I placed my written work carefully onto each chapters, then made arrangements of where the words could fit. I had also been taking screenshots and photographs on my phone while watching the three films at a time. Some came out good, whereas the rest didn't do well. I searched through Google Images and websites to find the best pictures by taking screenshots and downloading them. Even sometimes turn them into a collage imagery so they can fit through the magazine but fix up the quality and tone between my mobile phone; and Ipad on photo gallery. I played around with the words to make it boldly creative into a few headings, whereas the rest had to regular small sizes in different fonts.

There was so much to editing but it as fun and enjoyable.
It wasn't the first time I had done a magazine. Back in my SEN secondary school, during Sixth Form the students used to have a published magazine, sixth formers only and I had to be their designer. Mostly for the magazine's front and back cover. I was one of the top students, known for my artistic talents. I helped out to make the magazines and kept 5 or 6 of my old magazines as my portfolio. However I was quasi-editor-in-chief, amongst the students due to my failed writing skills until I moved onto college to get support and proper education in writing grammatical and punctuational structure. Finally my writing skills got improved in the aftermath by making it through Middlesex University as I am now in the presence in writing and illustrating a magazine of my keen interest in horror films. Better than before.

After finishing the magazine I scanned through to make sue there weren't any mistakes before I could submit it digitally onto the university's portal and have it printed. Thankfully, there weren't any so I submitted, printed and arranged the pages together to be binded as a magazine.

Making a horror movie magazine was one of the best assignments I had in the third of studying illustration, despite the struggles I had with time management while working on other assignments at a time. I would love to do it again someday if possible.

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