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Reportage: Three Markets in London


Portobello Road, Camden Market and London Borough Market, London



Project type

Three London Markets, Reportage Illustration


Felt tip pen sketches.

After the previous projects I have done in the past from the first and second year of illustration I moved onto a new task for the third year relating to my interests which involves reportage, posters and portraiture.

The first step was Reportage that I have to visit three markets in London: Portobello Market, Camden Market and London Borough Market to capture the towns' background while I am sketching in colourful felt tip pens. Despite it being part of my coursework I did not come alone, my sister came with me to visit the markets as we were doing some shopping and having a good time. However, we both were running down with a cold due to the affects of winter season but it never stopped us from going.

The first market I visited was Portobello Market, the town was full of antiques and furnishings. I drew parts of the market in four papers. By starting off with the residents’ colourful apartments like a combination of residents' hometown from two films: Edward Scissorhands and The Cat in the Hat. Moving onto to half of the town with all the Christmas and traffic lights, road, people, markets and shops. Including construction work, the cinema's sign and the statue of Betty Boop from a window display at a clothes shop. People walking passing by witnessed my drawings were impressed.

The second market and first time which my sister and I have always wanted to go to was Camden Market. The whole town was very mixed cultured of a peaceful community in a urbanised bohemian style with many different ethnicities, filled with canal boats, fashion, food, pop culture and anything artistic. It is something that I want to go again because it's all art, fun and beautiful. Each of three papers I drew in the background in some parts of Camden Market were:
The rivers of the canal boats.
A tribal warrior stature of a shop.
The outdoor pods for customers and tourists to have a sit-down and eat.
A ceiling of umbrellas.
A jacket.
A mannequin wearing a fancy goth dress.
A display of art design sales.
A Jason Voorhees hockey mask.

The last market I went to was the London Borough Market, the whole main area was filled with food because it is meant to be a food market, it is something that I want to dive in and gobble up. I wanted to try the all food there but my sister wanted to go somewhere warm to eat because of the winter season. I agreed with her then found Pret A manager and it was our first time to attend there to eat. Therefore I did managed to do some drawings before going to lunch. The only three papers I drew were parts of the areas were:
A few markets of fruit and vegetables.
A woman running her market on dairy products of cheese.
An Asian soup cooking on the counter.
A few customers gathering.
Another market doing a different sale of food products.

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