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Project type

Yearbook, Illustration


22nd November 2021


Middlesex University Hendon Campus, London


Portraiture, Felt Tip Drawing, Photoshop, Printed and Book Binding

During the second year of Middlesex University in one of my projects I designed a yearbook to make copies for my fellow class peers, including myself. There were twenty-three of us all together. The rest of the students were to select a piece of paper which contains a written number and mine had to be number 23. After picking a number we had to come up with a theme and design piece relating to a number.

I chose to create a yearbook because I had some experience in making yearbooks from secondary school for my former classes since I was fifteen until nineteen, I made one for myself when I was going to be heading off to college. I may have done it in some sort of cartoonish way because I thought it would be fun since the others and I were studying BA Illustration; and it was the last thing that I ever wanted to do.

I designed the yearbook's cover:
The front had to be in the university's logo - the crown and three swords inside the red shield. Along with the year, coursework study with a pen writing across and the university's name above. The background colour had to be in red, white and the rest of the words were multicoloured.

The back cover presents my name as the designer and publisher for the book. The university's logo with all the cartoons in the background. Also, the colour's background had to be in blue.

I drew my fellow peers observationally in felt tip pens, whereas some had to be from photograph due to the fact that a few of them were absent I needed to speed things up faster before the deadline. I scanned them onto Photoshop to have them arranged into four page layouts and together in total makes that eight pages. I had some trouble printing them double-sided due to the misplacements and wrong measurements. Luckily I had some support from one of my peers and everything was settled. After printing them out I attempted to staple each them together but I could not find the stapler so I had use my sewing equipment to stitch them up.

Finally I handed all my yearbooks out to my peers and kept one for myself. In the third year I remade it again in the aftermath to be put on display and as my portfolio, amongst all my former project designs which I did for the previous years doing a three year degree course in illustration.

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